Kind words & love from clients

Life Coaching

Jenn is kind, genuine and immediately puts her clients at ease. She has a knack for asking the questions that get to the root of your issue. Jenn taught me to be mindful of my thoughts and their influence on my feelings and actions. She gave me practical strategies to change them when they didn’t serve me. Best of all, Jenn is nonjudgmental and encourages you to show yourself the same kindness. I highly recommend her!
Working with Jenn was such a gift! By really listening to what I was saying, and what I was not saying, Jenn was able to help me to explore my limiting beliefs and to change negative thought patterns to ones that supported who I am as a person and how I want to show up for myself and for others.

She supported me throughout this process with genuine concern, compassion, wisdom, guidance, and humor, and I came away from our work together feeling re-energized and ready to take action to make my dreams a reality. Jenn is the embodiment of an outstanding life coach and of an authentic soul, and I am so grateful for her being a part of my journey.
When I signed up to work with Jenn, I didn’t really even know what a life coach did. I did know that I was frustrated with myself because I lacked discipline and felt I hadn’t been as productive as I wanted to be.

Jenn offered valuable advice and tools to help me manage my time, get more organized, and most importantly taught me a step by step process that can be applied to work through any situation.

Jenn uses her humor, compassion and direct nature to bring out the best in people and is a joy to work with!
In a short amount of time Jenn helped me identify negative thought patterns and all the ‘baloney’ that had been brewing in my brain for SO LONG. She has a way of tapping into her humor and honest to goodness love for humans to create a safe and fun(ny) space to learn how to work through the noise – to ride the wave – and let it go to replace with new thoughts. She has a natural gift and passion for Coaching, and I am grateful for the time spent working with her!
Some people are just meant to be coaches–Jenn is one of them. She’s a natural born listener and empathizer. As a life coach myself, I have a high standard for others in my profession. Jenn exceeds those standards easily! She asks the right questions to get you to develop the solution in your own mind. She knows how to dig deep without making you feel uncomfortable. When I was feeling vulnerable and a bit lost, she validated my feelings and normalized things for me. I am grateful to have worked with her and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
I worked with Jenn for months. I honestly enjoyed our time together. She’s like your BFF with really amazing & thoughtful advice. She’s easy to talk to and open up to without any judgment. She’s just really down to earth & honest. I so appreciate that about her. She gives excellent advice that can carry you through many situations. I have a few mantras in my head that she taught me that help me so much. She’s helped me with mindful eating habits, decluttering both my mind & possessions, and above all, just every day helpful advice about this very difficult & sometimes overwhelming pandemic phase that we’re in. I appreciate her so much! Highly recommend!

Massage Therapy

I struggled for years to find the right massage therapist...until I met Jenn! She is extremely good at what she does and is just plain fun to be around. She makes you feel completely at ease.
Jen P.
Fishers, IN
My husband and I have recently discovered the importance of regular massage...not only for stress control but overall health! On our first visit, Jenn spent a considerable amount of time asking us questions about ourselves-stress levels, work, medical history, etc. She is very personable and trustworthy which makes it very easy to talk to her! She listens to you and creates a massage that is best for you. Since we have started with Jenn, we have both been living headache-free! Jenn makes the experience everything you could hope for!
Renee & Travis L.
Indianapolis, IN
Jenn Baron has been my massage therapist for over four years. She does an excellent job and has great energy. I really value our sessions and know she has made a difference in my well-being. I highly recommend her for all types of therapeutic massage.
Cassie M.
Indianapolis, IN
I work multiple jobs, including many hours spent hunched over my computer. Jenn was happy to spend the whole session focusing on my upper body to ensure my shoulders, neck and back got the tension relief I needed. I felt like I'd been away on a two-week island vacation! I'd never felt so calm, peaceful and stress-free.
Emily P.
Indianapolis, IN
I have had a number of massages in my day and will say that Jenn is the most thorough and thoughtful practitioner that I've had the pleasure of working with. Not only is she a great practitioner, but also a kind and compassionate person who makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her. Great massage, great person..what more do you need?
Dr. Bryan Bingham
For centering, pampering, and a calm to touch your soul, Jenn is the therapist. Jenn uses the right amount of pressure for the right amount of time. She knew what my body needed so that my mind would follow. My sister loves her too!
Azure M.
Indianapolis, IN
Jenn Baron keeps me being able to perform the job I love to do! And it's immediately obvious her sessions are not one-size-fits-all, she focuses on your individual needs.
Julie S
Indianapolis, IN
I really enjoyed your presence and you give a damn great massage.
Dory W.
Austin, TX
Jenn Baron is awesome! Her energy and enthusiasm for her profession makes her a joy to work with.
Michael R.
Indianapolis, IN

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©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
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©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
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