Reset Your Mindset

Everything starts with your thoughts. They are the driving force to either thriving or just surviving.

Let’s say you’re having crappy thoughts about your environment/weight/relationships/etc, you’re going to have crappy results. That’s a fact.

This program will help you dive into the BS stories and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and blocking you from getting the results you want. You’re getting an up close and personal look at what you’ve been harboring in your mind.

When you understand old thought patterns you can start releasing them.

When you see where your mind drifts throughout the day, you can start replacing these thoughts with ones that will support, motivate and empower you.

Examining your mindset and resetting it for success is extremely rewarding.

It is a process that will move you forward to where you truly want to be.

Leading you to a big, bold and joyful life.

What You Receive

Weekly one-hour calls via Zoom focused on you, your goals and getting the transformation you want.

Truckloads of support and cheerleading.

Tough love to keep you from staying stuck.

Life-long tools and skills to keep yourself moving in the direction you want.

Investment is $1,500.

How much have you spent on crap that doesn’t work?

I got your back, let’s do this.

You can do this!

Life Coaching FAQ

Generally speaking, a life coach works with high functioning people to help them reach their goals. I help them create lives they really freaking love.

What does that mean?

For example, I hired my life coach to deal with emotional eating. She created a sane relationship with food, and I wanted that. I hired her for 6 months of weekly Zoom calls and homework. I laughed, I cried, I worked really hard and 6 months later I have a better relationship with food. Something that felt just out of reach on my own. Now I can totally enjoy a bowl of ice cream without feeling guilty about it after. And now that’s just one thing I help other women achieve.

I work with clients for 3 or 6 months via weekly hour-long Zoom calls. I send a recap email after our call and sometimes homework. 

I have helped my clients to have less daily anxiety, to stop being a people-pleaser, to stop being a perfectionist, learn how to say no without loads of guilt, learn to trust themselves, heal their relationships to food and their body, stop feeling so much mom guilt, realize they’re not crazy, broken, damaged, beyond help or hopeless, to have their own back and go for what they want without having to feel ‘ready’ or ‘fearless.’

I’ve done both and still do. There’s a place for each because they have different focuses. Therapy is generally past focused and examines childhood experiences. Life coaching is future focused. I help my clients look at where they want to go, what they want their life to feel like and help them get there.

Therapy is like physical therapy after an injury. They help get the area fully functioning again. Then when the area is fully functioning, you may decide to see a personal trainer to improve your performance. A life coach is like a personal trainer. Your life is fine, but you know it could be a lot better with some help, guidance and tweaks.

Expensive is relative and we all have priorities. Life coaching is an investment in the one thing that dictates how the rest of your life plays out. Your mindset. When you have crappy thoughts and they rule your life, you’re going to have crappy results.

I used to spend a fair amount of money on my favorite binge foods, Chardonnay and buying stuff online that I didn’t need. But then I got tired of looking to those things for answers and comfort. Instead, I decided to invest in myself via a life coach. Now I have a life I really freaking love, and more money in my account, because I’m not asking food, alcohol or Amazon Prime to fix a problem.

There are 3 main benefits to hiring me as your life coach. I create a safe place for you to look at what’s been keeping you from getting the results you want. Your sessions are confidential. So, what’s said on the Zoom call, stays on the Zoom call.

Next, meeting weekly and having homework, you’ll stay on track. Even if you veer off slightly because life can get wonky sometimes. You can email or Voxer (awesome app for communicating) questions or concerns. Left to our own devices, it’s really easy to get sidetracked by the next “bright and shiny thing” and quit going for what you really want.

I’m objective. I’m not your BFF or spouse. I will help you see where you get stuck and how to get unstuck. I will cheer you on like crazy, but I’ll also compassionately call you out when it’s in your best interest.

And with all three of those in place, you’ll get to your goal faster, and have more fun than if you were trying to do it all yourself.

Are you ready to take the first step?

©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching | All rights reserved

©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved
©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved