Give your brain a break

Our brains weren’t meant to hold onto a bunch of pieces of information.

And when we tax it with oodles of to-dos and things to remember, we can get irritable, exhausted and worn down.

This was happening to one of my coaching clients, so I made one of my fave suggestions.

Find a cute small notebook and write down all the things that are running around in your brain.

When we write them down or put them into a digital notebook, you do you boo, our brains don’t have to do the hard work of remembering them.

There’s no need to give yourself extra work when you can do something as simple as write them down.

My client has felt SO much better doing this simple practice!

Her brain isn’t spinning, trying to remember all the things. Everything is in one place so she doesn’t have multiple slips of paper, and it’s giving her more mental space to think about other things, be more present with her family and not feel a low-grade frustration as much.

We can think we have to make big sweeping changes to positively impact our lives.

That isn’t true.

99% of the time, it’s these little ones that do the trick.

Your life doesn’t need a huge overhaul, just little tweaks to get you in the direction you want to go.

Hi-five, I’m so proud of her!

These are the notebooks she bought. They’re so cool!

I have room in my 1:1 coaching practice if you’d like personalized support and encouragement.

Let’s chat to see if we’d be a good fit.

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