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Failure Shmailure

For a long time, I was pretty freaked out by the idea of failing. Didn’t really matter what it was. I HATED not being great at something. I didn’t want to look stupid, feel rejected, look dumb etc.

There were lots of things, big and small things, that I didn’t try. I let those silly, temporary and superficial feelings, potential feelings in reality, keep me from doing things my soul wanted to try.

There’s no time for regrets here. We’re moving forward!

Then I heard the idea that you’re either succeeding or learning, instead of succeeding or failing. This just feels so much better and truer.

What does failure even mean? And who the hell cares if we missed our mark? Big damn deal. It doesn’t mean we’re horrible human beings, unworthy or don’t deserve success. It means we tried something, and it didn’t turn out how we wanted. So what? Try something else or try it another way. Drop the drama!

Stop letting “failure” mean something about you. We get really hung up on this and it stops our forward movement. We let it kill our dreams, keep us small and that sucks for everyone! For you and everyone your “thing” might have helped, touched or made a difference to. Don’t do that to yourself and the world.

Take a look at what you’re making failure mean about you. Look it over like a treasure you found. Examine the beliefs. Where did they come from, who said it, and do you want to change it?

If you want to change the idea of failure to one of learning, notice when you’re holding back from trying something. Ask yourself why and just be curious. And tell yourself over and over that your learning.

When a baby learns to walk, they fall. A lot. But the baby just keeps getting back up and trying again. Even when they hurt themselves in the process. They don’t quit. And they don’t “not start” because they won’t do it correctly right away. They didn’t fail at walking. They’re just learning how to do it. The same thing applies to us, but we’ve added all the drama on top of “failure.”

What do you want to try now that the only two options are succeeding and learning?

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©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved
©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved