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Emotional Eating

I’ve been an emotional eater since I was ten. I remember exactly when it started. I was in 4th grade and I broke my leg jumping off the stage in my school’s gym. I had a cast up to my groin for 4 weeks. And I was a very active kid. I loved to ride my bike, play with my friends, go to the park, the pool and all the other kiddo activities.

Well 99.9% of things are out the window when you have a cast like that. I was home a lot. Bored a lot. Had tons of FOMO. Did I say bored? There’s only so much a kid could do to entertain herself in 1984 with no cable or ATARI while her friends were out having fun.

So that 10-year old Jenn turned to food for entertainment, comfort, companionship and solace. It became my go-to for trying to meet my needs.

Fast forward to high school and college and it was a full-blown food addiction including a 12-step group and a sponsor. I’m grateful to say I’m way past that but I know the pain and obsession an addiction entail.

After college, with the help of better coping skills, my emotional eating looked like many of my friends’ eating. We’d use food to celebrate or deal with a break-up, death or any positive or negative emotion we didn’t want to feel.

That’s how I define emotional eating. Turning to food to cope with or avoid any positive or negative emotions or circumstances. And it’s totally accepted in our society. The same thing can be said for alcohol.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t find pleasure in our food or have birthday parties with food. What I’m saying is that we get into trouble when food becomes the main joy in our lives. When we have a bad day or an argument with our spouse, do you head for the cookies or ice cream, instead of working through your emotions? Most of us answer yes to that question until we decide we want more than that in our lives.

We decide we’re only living life half-way, kind of dead and now how we’re meant to. Somewhere inside you, you know you were born to shine, be expansive, go for “it” and not play small.

Emotional eating keeps us small and dims the crap out of our lights. The amazing thing is we have the power to turn this ship around. Slowly but surely, getting comfortable with all of your emotions and allowing them is the key to ending emotional eating. This may sound like a tall order or not even remotely possible for you. That’s just a lie your brain is telling you!

I’ve thought the same thing a million times in the past and I’m proving my brain wrong every day. I don’t try or claim to be perfect at this because that’s not a real thing. But I have more days of “clean” eating, meaning not emotional eating, than not. And I KNOW this is how I’m meant to live my life!

We aren’t meant to live with our “low beams” on! We’re meant to live with our “high beams” on. Your soul knows that right?

I can help you take turtle steps to make this your reality too. Come join me, it’s such a beautiful way to live!

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©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved
©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved