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Don't Be an Asshole

If I had a dollar for every time I was an asshole to myself, thinking it would help me get my shit together, I could pay off the national debt!

We think that being ANYTHING but kind and gentle will FINALLY do the trick. Get us in line and make us change.

Can we all just agree that we were SO wrong? It doesn’t help and just stop it.

You’re worthy of compassion, love and kindness no matter what you’ve done, said, not done, not said. All the things.

Let go of the old bullshit stories that aren’t serving you.

And keep letting them go when they return.

You’ve thought them for a hot minute, and it’ll take more than one FINAL DECISION to dissolve them.

We all know beating ourselves up doesn’t get us the results we want.

So let’s stop, take a breath, forgive ourselves and change our damn story moving forward.

Let’s stop living in the past and focus on the present and future instead.

If you’re done being an asshole to yourself let’s set up a discovery call to talk about what WILL get you the results you want and a life you really freaking love!

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©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching | All rights reserved

©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved
©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved