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Do You Like Puppies?

We’ve had the pleasure of raising 4 puppies. This is Georgia.

A pet parent has 2 choices when their pup is chewing on something they shouldn’t.

1. Take away what they shouldn’t chew on, and give them something they can chew on. Redirect.

2. Yell at them, smack them with the bad thing and put them in their crate. Berate and punish.

The first one is always the correct answer!The second one won’t get the longterm result you want and it hurts your relationship.

When we do something “bad” we treat ourselves like a bad pet parent and do a human version of the second option.We speak horribly to ourselves, think awful things, make the problem a much bigger than it is, and stay in a shame cycle.

What if, for a day or a week, we treated ourselves like a sweet little puppy and just redirected our thoughts without all the extra punishment and abuse?

The next time you do something you wish you hadn’t, just notice the error and redirect yourself. Kicking your own ass hasn’t gotten any of us the results we want, so let’s try another way!! The puppy way.

Notice the error and move on. No need to shame or punish yourself. Redirect, redirect, redirect. It just takes practice because we’re used to doing it the old way.

I’m a certified life coach and I help women clean up their negative self-talk so they don’t feel like shit all the time.

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©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved
©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved