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Our brains love to tell us that what we’re doing isn’t enough or won’t be enough. That we have to make big sweeping changes to get the results we want. It’ll tell you, you have to do ALL the things right now in order to declutter the house, lose the weight, heal the relationship or get out of debt.

Our brains will say we have to do a 180* and do things completely different or why bother because it won’t make a difference. It’ll tell us, that adding one veggie to our lunches and dinners isn’t enough. That walking around the block won’t make a difference. That having a hard conversation with your spouse won’t improve anything or that decluttering one drawer is a joke.

It’ll say there’s so much to do, and those little steps aren’t enough. They won’t get you where you want to go.

Those messages from your brain aren’t true!

We took in countless messages from everywhere that told us that changes had to be big in order to be lasting and effective. It’s a lie.

Think about it. It’s the little things, positive or negative that give us the results we have. A few too many calories every day, adds up to extra pounds. Not staying on top of the laundry or mail means they turn into mountains. A little snip here and there to your spouse creates an issue in your marriage.

The same thing is true for positives. 10-15-minute daily decluttering spurts is almost 2 hours a week. That’s 2 hours closer you are to your goal. Walking around the block is that much closer to your health goal. Thanking your spouse for the things they do instead of complaining about what they don’t do, will get you closer to the marriage you want.

Little things do add up. We just need to remind our brains when they serve up the lies that they don’t. I literally talk back to my brain when it feeds me a lie. I’ll say, “I don’t believe that anymore, or thanks for your input, but I believe something else now.” It may seem weird but who the hell cares! It works and it gets you closer to the life you want. And no one needs to know. Your secret is safe with me!

Where are you going to start? Pick the area that’s been bothering you the most and decide on one small positive change. Stick with it and talk back to your brain when it serves up its well-meaning but unhelpful opinions.

You’ve totally got this!

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©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching | All rights reserved

©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved
©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved