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Few things wreak havoc like striving for perfection. It will waste your time, energy and rob you of productivity, self-esteem and creative juices.

At some point in our young lives, we got the idea that we’d be happier, feel better about ourselves and our lives, if we were perfect. We started to push really hard for straight A’s, tried to excel in extracurricular activities, be skinny, have the right clothes and the right friends. We thought those things would make us happy. Today those things might look like having a clean house all the time, a perfect work-home life balance, kids who are always well-behaved, a skinny body, a beautifully curated social media presence or a job where we’re nailing it and always climbing the ladder.

The specific object of our desires and circumstances change over the years, but the drive for perfection sticks around until we make peace with it. By striving for perfection, we’re trying to avoid negative feelings or get positive ones. We think it’s the key. To everything.

The truth is, that it’s a joy-stealer. Time-sucker. Energy-waster. Productivity-destroyer. And creative juice-drainer. Perfection is impossible and robs us of a full life.

Start putting B- work out into your world. The email you sent had a typo, that’s ok. Your house isn’t spotless, no one will die because of it. You don’t eat 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies daily? Some is better than none. Your meals aren’t Facebook or Pinterest-worthy? They don’t need to be! You and your family ate. That’s a win!

Look inside to learn your why. Why do you think you need to be perfect? This why is important to know. When you know it, you can decide if it’s helping you. If it’s not, you can begin to let it go.

With practice of B- work, you’ll notice a lightness and freedom as you see that B- is still really good! Your mind and heart will open up with possibilities and your emotional state will improve. Heck, you may even decide to see what a C+ life looks like!

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©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching | All rights reserved

©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved
©2020 – Jenn Baron Coaching |
All rights reserved